About the Team

Bryan Electric is a family enterprise at its nucleus. Tim Sr. founded the company in 1980 and has created a company based on expertise, hard work and integrity. It takes more than hard work and good intentions to run an operation such as Bryan Electric.  Tim Jr. “grew up” in the business and also studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering.  He’s created the strategic plan that brought Bryan Electric to its place in the market today.  A strong core of capable leaders manages the daily operations.

Tim Bryan Jr. – President

As President of Bryan Electric, Tim has built a new age commercial electrical contracting company. The company was unionized in 2003 and has been a proud member of IBEW Local 269, 351, 400, 456, 102 and 164 ever since. In 2013, Tim headed a project to install 50 EV Charging Stations for Mercedes-Benz Corporate HQ in Montvale, NJ. Shortly after that, ChargePoint approached Tim about becoming a Certified Partner which he accepted. Through this joint venture, Bryan Electric has provided quality turn-key solutions for more than 100 customers.

Tim recognized that a large infrastructure would be needed to meet the rising demands of the Electric Vehicle revolution—and to that end achieved his objective of total self-performance for the installation of EV Charging Stations.  He is a proud member of the IBEW.  And he is poised to lead the company toward the sustainable energy initiatives he strongly believes to be the company’s future.

Thanks to Tim’s leadership, the company can confidently take on multiple projects,  execute with precision, and meet the demands of today’s market for sustainable electrical solutions.

Tim Bryan Sr. – Vice President

Founding the company in 1980, Tim Bryan Sr. has worked hard to see his dream become a reality beyond expectations. Tim started the company with just himself and a truck.  Over time he turned it into a family business when his wife and son joined to grow it further. As the company grew, Tim created a strong foundation for the company to provide solutions needed in the market. Since passing the reigns to his son, Tim Jr. in 2021, Tim is focused more on the operational “design-build” aspect of company projects. As the company’s founder, and Vice President, the wisdom he gained from 40 years of experience makes his presence and advice very valuable assets.

George Koutsouradis – Sales Manager

Specializing in all EV Charging Station projects for Bryan Electric since 2019, George is the expert for everything regarding EV Charging Stations. He continues to enhance his knowledge on all things in the EV Charging Station industry including: government mandates, subsidies, advancements in technology, market trends, and related sustainable industries. This knowledge allows him to fully understand the technical as well as the practical installation of charging stations. He has participated in multiple focus groups and conventions, including the NJ League of Municipalities, and has been a speaker/presenter on multiple EV panels and roundtables.

Joe Cerankowski – Senior Estimator/Project Manager

Joining our team in 2023, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Bryan Electric team.  He has a passion for getting things done on time and on budget.

Margie Gervasio – Office Manager

Margie joined the company in 2017 to help organize the day-to-day business of the office. With her expert attention to detail, the company is able to stay organized, on track, and on time. Margie’s greatest value to the company comes from her comprehension of requirements from RFPs, ensuring all our licenses, insurances, and qualifications for bids are current and readily available.