LED Lighting Solutions

One of our most exciting areas of expertise—
LED lighting is always a win-win.

We routinely install systems that reduce electricity
consumption as much as 90%! Yes, that’s 90%!

ROI on LED lighting is very aggressive.  In many cases, ROI may actually be one year or less.   Lighting quality is usually better! Maintenance costs are nearly eliminated. And financing is available!

Here’s a case study. Bryan Electric has had a long-term relationship with Jersey Precast Concrete of Trenton. Over the years we’ve maintained their indoor lighting and it’s been a time-consuming and costly part of doing business.

Recently we replaced 200 existing 1000-Watt Metal Halide fixtures with 40 new LED High-Bay fixtures. The results are incredible. Read the testimonial from Amir Ulislam below that explains the process and results.

Would you like to have more light for less cost plus maintenance? Contact us for more information.

We’ve always appreciated Bryan Electric’s work at our facility when it comes to maintaining our lighting; but their latest installation has made a big impression on our staff.

The space we need to light up every day is huge–our ceiling is 55,000 square feet! Maintaining the fixtures is both essential and costly. When Bryan Electric suggested that we replace our existing fixtures with only 40 new LED High-Bay fixtures, I was skeptical. But I know Bryan Electric would not steer us in the wrong direction so we opted to do it.

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The space is now brighter than it was before the switch. The electricity consumption is very low–about 10% of what we were using. In a few months we will recover all the money we paid to do the installation!

Bryan Electric told us there would be virtually no maintenance for 10 years with these new LED lights. This will enable us to deploy funds earmarked for lighting maintenance in other directions and accomplish some improvements on our wish list.

It’s truly a pleasure to do business with honest people who are experts at what they do and truly want the best for their customers.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Amir Ulislam
Jersey Precast
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