EV Charging Station Installation Timeline

Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station is not a difficult task, yet it has lots of variables.  And as you know, every municipality has a unique set of regulations governing such installations.  The process is so new that some municipalities don’t yet have regulations on the books.

Property owners want to avoid delay in Charging Station installation.  That’s why they turn to Bryan Electric.  With our vast experience, we know how to prepare permit applications for EV Charging Stations.  But even before the permit comes into play, we have performed a site inspection for you and determined whether or not your site is appropriate for installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station.  Bryan Electric is a turnkey operation for EV Charging Station installation.  We have developed the ability for total self-performance to install EV Charging Stations.  That means we’ve invested in training of our team, equipment and technology that’s totally within our control for every project.

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The timeline for Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station looks approximately like this:

  1. Site inspection and verification—this includes On-site assessment of your facility to determine potential location(s), existing electrical capacity, cellular signal strength, & extent of construction required.
  2. Draft proposal based on findings and review with client.
  3. Obtain contractual commitment from client.
  4. Preparation of permit application and appropriate drawings based on local AHJ requirements.
  5. Preparation of Grant Funding Application, if applicable
  6. Construction preparation
  7. Electrical construction
  8. Inspection
  9. Completion – Commission each station and Validate site for manufacture labor/equipment warranty.