New Jersey Plans to be 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

June 13th, 2019 | Sustainability

There are hundreds of states and municipalities that have expressed goals to run on 100% renewable energy by 2050. However, it appears New Jersey is one of the first to have a thoroughly drawn out plan on how to accomplish that goal. While the final draft isn’t due until September of this year, the current draft is extensive and specific in its ambitious goals. The overall plan can be broken down into 7  centralized themes:

  1. Reducing energy consumption and emissions from the transportation sector
  2. Accelerating the deployment of renewable and distributed energy resources
  3. Maximizing energy efficiency and conservation while reducing peak demand
  4. Reducing energy consumption and emissions from the building sector
  5. Modernizing the grid and utility infrastructure
  6. Supporting community energy planning, development for low and moderate income individuals and families
  7. Supporting environmental justice communities and expanding the clean energy innovation economy

To learn more about the Master Plan, click here.

Read the entire 2019 EMP draft, and let us know what you think!

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