PSE&G To Assist in Funding Charging Station Projects

Late last week, PSE&G officially announced their EV incentive program and the opportunities are bountiful!

For DC Fast Chargers, they’re offering up to $100,000 per site ($25,000 per station up to 4 stations a site) for any make-ready work, as well as up to $50,000 for any utility infrastructure upgrades that need to be done.

They’re also offering Demand Charge rebates for DCFC projects after they’ve been installed.

Later this week, they’ll announce their program for any Level 2 station projects which look similar in design.
Up to $30,000 per site ($7,500 per station up to 4 stations) and an additional $10,000 for any utility infrastructure upgrades.

For full details about the new program, click here!

Click here for the application for DC Fast Chargers

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