10 Notable New Electric Vehicles for 2019

January 9th, 2019 |

This post comes from “EV Life” and was recently published December 19, 2018.  Click here to see this great lineup of new vehicles!

It’s Not Just for Cars!

December 31st, 2018 |

John Deere wants to establish electric drives in agriculture. The agricultural machinery manufacturer is now showing a world premiere: a fully electric, autonomous tractor in operation on the field. was given an exclusive release. Click here to see the full article and the VIDEO.

Taking Advantage of Rebates for Home Charging Stations

December 24th, 2018 |

As the shift to electric mobility accelerates, an increasing number of cities, states, provinces and utilities around the country and the world are providing significant home charging incentives for EV drivers to encourage EV adoption and smart energy use.  Read the full article.

Paradigm Shift–Volkswagen to stop manufacturing fossil fuel engines by 2026

December 19th, 2018 |

Volkswagen has strengthened their new stand for e-mobility when their chief strategist for the VW brand, Michael Jost, announced the end of all combustion engines for the carmaker. The ICE, no matter if petrol or diesel, will not be developed any longer after 2026.  Read the full article…

How GM, Ford, and Volkswagen are Reacting to the Electric Car Revolution

December 12th, 2018 |

Conventional wisdom says the only constant in life is change. Those who create change often think their innovations will be permanent, but they never are. The auto industry has enjoyed a long and successful history of building vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. Many car company executives assumed the merry go round ride would never end. Then along came Tesla and suddenly…

Should Hotels Invest in EV Charging Stations?

December 1st, 2018 |

Drive around the parking lot at the local mall or train station, and you’re likely to find parking spots designated for electric vehicles, often in prime positions. EV charging stations are becoming commonplace throughout the United States, as drivers switch over to vehicles that are more efficient and better for the environment. But should your hotel offer EV charging stations…

The Singing (Electric) School Bus

November 27th, 2018 |

The New York Times recently reported that White Plains, NY has started a pilot program in which they’ve purchased 5 electric school buses.  Partnering with the State of NY and their local electric utility to help defray the cost of purchase (almost triple the cost of diesel buses), they’re running these emissions-free school buses with music playing loud enough to…

ChargePoint teams with ENERGY STAR on Efficient EV Charging Solutions

November 19th, 2018 |

…In 2016, ENERGY STAR helped consumers save $30 billion in energy costs and nearly 400 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity. Those are massive numbers that just keep adding up over time. Since the program’s inception, ENERGY STAR has avoided 3.5 trillion kWh of electricity production, resulting in $450 billion in savings for U.S. consumers and businesses….Click to read the…

Electric Motorcycles

November 12th, 2018 |

With all the talk about Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and the installation of EV Charging Stations, there is also a trend toward totally electric motorcycles.  Jaguar recently introduced it’s Arc Vector motorcycle–totally electric with a great-looking design and great performance too.  Read the full article!

UBER’S Clean Air Plan to help London Go Electric–Could the US be next?

November 5th, 2018 |

This information is provided directly from Uber UK–they are taking the bold step of adding a few cents (actually pence) per mile for trips around London which will be dedicated to helping drivers upgrade to electric vehicles.  They are also giving incentives to people who own the most “polluting cars” to turn them into scrap in exchange for Uber rides…click…